Czech mobility for teachers

3. března 2016 v 10:27 | Vendula Rulcová
Our first transnational meeting was hold in Olomouc, Czech Republic between the dates 18-21 November 2015.

Here is the meeting report of Czech Mobility;

Meeting report: 1st transnational meeting of Erasmus+ project

Let´s say STOP! Gender discrimination in education ( 2015-1-CZ01-KA219-013860-1)

Date: 20th November

Place: Secondary school of business, gastronomy and design PRAKTIK Ltd.


Czech Republic: Vendula Rulcová, Kateřina Skladaná

Italy: Lucia del Core, Tiziana Alampresse

Romania: Alexandru Oprean, Ramona Gancea

Spain: Antonio Martínez, Esperanza Lamet

Turkey: Sahin Karaca, Hatice Oncul Donmez, Secil Tokatli, Abdülhalik Kürşat ARIK


1. Introduction of Secondary school of business, gastronomy and design PRAKTIK Ltd., school tour, meeting school management

2. Logo competition- Turkish logo draft won, it needs to be adjusted

3. Discussion of roles, responsibilities

u e-twinning- each participant makes the twin space on e-twinning portal

u web and blog- it will be made by Spain, each country will send their contributions (articles, pictures)

u google drive - will be set up by Spain for sharing supporting materials, important links

4. Discussion of project activities- according to a project timetable, following outputs were specified

u 8 th March 2016- each school will do a public inquiry about gender inequity situation in their country-3-5 survey questions will be created in advance on a RUBISTAR website, article about results will be posted on project website, pictures or videos from this output will be shared as well

u May- June 2016- articles about gender discrimination in education ( women who cannot attend school) in each country or in the world will be written, posted on the project website

u postponement of calendar to October 2016- calendar with pictures of students´artwork of important women fighting for education for everybody will be made, then the auction of the calendar will be organized and raised money will be sent to charity

5. Mobilities - each mobility will take 7 days in total, exact dates were specified

u Spanish mobility- 3rd-9th April 2016 - task for all schools- the name and short information about an educational activist - a woman who fights or fought for educational rights for everybody - will be sent to Spanish partner before the mobility and used for black-light theater (deadline-December 2015)

u Turkish mobility- 8th-14th May 2016- singing performance

u Italian mobility- 2nd half of September 2016 - will be specified later, medieval dancing will be performed on the streets

u Czech mobility- April 2017- still without an exact date, puppet workshop and play will be done

6. Teachers´meeting

u 2nd transnational meeting will be held in Romania from 6th-10th November 2016- outputs of the project will be discussed

27 th November 2015

Olomouc , Czech Republic
written by Vendula Rulcová, Kateřina Skladaná

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